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self harm doesn't discriminate, neither do we
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Welcome to Harmless

Support at Harmless

Harmless is a user led organisation that provides a range of services about self harm and suicide prevention including support, information, training and consultancy to people who self harm, their friends and families and professionals and those at risk of suicide.

Harmless was set up by people who understand these issues and at the heart of our service is a real sense of hope. We know that with the right support and help life can get better. We hope that you find this site a safe and helpful resource.

Feel free to look around and we welcome your thoughts and feedback about our site and services.

Self Harm & Suicide Prevention Services

Harmless now deliver a range of services and also deliver The Tomorrow Project. In the last ten years we have delivered contracted and funded work for a variety of providers, but are largely self-funded through the selling of training etc. This enables us to preserve long-term and compassionate help for all those that need us.

We provide drop-in, crisis café, short and long-term support and psychotherapy. Under The Tomorrow Project we additionally deliver suicide crisis and bereavement services.

For more information or to volunteer your time and fundraising skills to keep these vital services going, please contact us.

The Harmless Approach

We believe in hope and recovery. We place people with lived experience at the heart of our service, ensuring that we deliver a broad range of service options to meet a variety of needs. Working across age and gender we do our very best to surround the people we help with compassion and practical help and support.

Awesome sessions on this online #conference. Want to look at good practice in reporting or communications about Sui… https://t.co/pea5Xuwumr

Awesome sessions on this online conference. Want to look at good practice in reporting or communications about Suic… https://t.co/7bCBH1owIJ

Are you looking for somewhere to book for your work Christmas do? Please join us? We need your support and company… https://t.co/yoURql9Vu8

Harmless Workbook: Working Through Self Harm Harmless Workbook

Available in either electronic or hard copy, Harmless have developed this workbook in collaboration with service users, therapists and the Institute of Mental Health to provide a tool that can be used to promote recovery and self reflection amongst people that self harm, encouraging alternative methods of coping.

For more information, or to find out how to buy our workbook, please follow this link.

Out of Harm's Way DVD Harmless DVD

Out of Harm's Way. Through the eyes of those with first hand experience, we examine the nature of self harm, distress and recovery. A resource both for those that self harm and for professionals.

For more information, or to find out how to buy our DVD, please follow this link.

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Throughout my career suicide has been at the forefront of my professional life, and over the years I’ve heard so many stories from families and individuals bereaved by suicide.  Each story is unique, but equally heart-breaking and a

Its not what you say, its how you listen Posted Friday 24th July 2020

Active Listening Talking about suicide can feel scary. It can be difficult to know what the ‘right’ thing to say is. But, often it’s not what you say that makes a difference, it’s how you listen. Active Listening doesn’t only R

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Its Okay to Ask Posted Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Dr. Yeates Conwell, Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Program Director, Center for Study and Prevention of Suicide, University of Rochester Medical Center talks about asking an older adult about suicide.

Tips for supporting someone in crisis Posted Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Howdy, Katie here! Supporting someone you care about through suicide crisis can be a scary thing to do. You may worry about not saying the ‘right’ thing or making things worse but it is important to take any disclosures seriously. ̷