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Harmless - Out of Harm's Way DVD

Harmless DVD

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Out of Harm's Way is a DVD is a resource that can be used by people that self harm, to promote recovery and self belief. It can also be used by professionals or carers to enhance understanding, empathy and strategies that are helpful when supporting people that self harm.

Through the eyes of those with first hand experience, we will examine the nature of self harm, distress, and recovery.

This DVD has helped me so much. I have struggled to understand my son's self harm but even this short trailer has given me more empathy and willingness to understand. For the first time - something hopeful about self harm!

We speak to Jenny, Mark, Fiona and Satveer who have personal experience of self harm and whose courage in speaking out has enabled them to discuss their experiences on film.

This exploration of four very different struggles will highlight the very individual issues faced by people who self harm, including treatment by medical staff, disability, alcohol use and culture.

We also speak with leading professionals, who can offer practical and professional information about working with people who self harm:

This comprehensive resource will have a section where you can download enlightening and useful resources, such as poetry, leaflets, posters and a workbook to promote awareness and intervention for self harm. To order your copy please visit our shop.