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Harmless working through self harm workbook

Harmless Workbook

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Harmless have developed this workbook in collaboration with service users, therapists and the Institute of Mental Health to provide a tool that can be used to promote recovery and self reflection amongst people that self harm. The workbook provides a series of activities to work through to help the individual to start to reflect upon their way/s of coping, and to begin to manage these differently.

The workbook is not a substitute for counselling or therapy, but it is designed to help naturally promote some of the insight that can be helpful to help people move forwards in their life. The belief behind the book is that by promoting awareness, insight and resilience amongst people that self harm, they can start to cope differently, or feel better.

To Someone Who Self Harms

This workbook is designed to help you think about the things that have led you to self harm, to look at what things might help you cope in your life, and how you can take care of yourself. The exercises are for you to think about your thoughts and feelings, and any experiences that may have caused you difficulty. It will also ask you to reflect upon your self harm.

You might find that this workbook is useful to re-visit over a period of time, as you may feel different at different times in your life. It is important to develop an awareness of your self harm, as this will help you take control in different ways, in future.

The workbook also provides a number of worksheets that can be used as much as is necessary, and a resource section that can help with coping strategies and diet. The workbook is available from our shop in electronic format.