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Self harm support


  • Do you have any questions about self harm?
  • Are you in distress and need help?
  • Would you like some support or information for yourself or someone you care about?
  • Are you a professional that may come into contact with individuals that self harm and worry about what you would do?

People who self harm often find it difficult to talk about the way they cope, their feelings and difficulties and it can be helpful to talk things through.

Often individuals who self harm face discrimination, shame and isolation and having somewhere they can access support can go a long way towards helping with this.

Supporting someone who self harms can also be difficult, and requires patience, understanding and compassion.

We believe that by supporting carers and professionals that care for people who self harm we are ensuring that the person in distress is better supported and will have a greater level of care and service.

We also acknowledge that the carers and professionals might need to talk about how supporting someone who self harms makes them feel. This could be a range of feelings including fear, guilt, anxiety, anger, frustration and distress.

You may suspect that somebody you care about is hurting themselves and not know what to do about it. This can be a very difficult position to find yourself in and we are here for you to talk through your options including possible ways of approaching the individual about their suspected difficulties and how you can help them.

We provide postal and email self harm support through a counsellor and other volunteers that have personal, supportive and/or professional experience of self harm. At this point we regret we cannot provide face to face support, this is something we hope to achieve in the future.