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Self Harm Training and Consultancy

Self Harm Training

Harmless self harm training packages aim to increase awareness of self harm, and develop an understanding of the key issues faced by people who self harm, and by the services that these individuals come into contact with. We will tailor packages to suit your needs and have negotiable rates for voluntary sector organisations. Please click on the bullet points below to read more about our self harm training.

  • The importance of training in self harm
  • The importance of self harm training

    Self harm can be an extremely complex and painful issue to face, for the individuals who self harm, and for those that they go to for help and support. Self harm is also identified as a risk factor for suicide and perceived by many professionals as a high risk, often stressful field to work in.

    Our training will encourage you to explore your awareness of self harm, and develop an understanding of the key issues faced by people who self harm, and by the services that these individuals come into contact with.

    We will explore the impact that we, as service providers, can potentially have upon the health, recovery and well-being of those that self harm, and promote skills that can be used in intervention.

    Further to this, our training will help you to improve your capacity for managing risk and reducing the risk of people committing suicide by offering the right help.

    Our aim is to help develop the skills and awareness of staff to feel confident and competent in responding to individuals who harm themselves and believe that this will directly influence recovery.

  • What we provide: flexible packages.
  • Flexible self harm training packages

    Flexible training packages that can be designed for your workplace specific needs. Whether this be to enhance skills and awareness or with a focus on a specific client group, Harmless can work with you to define a training package with learning outcomes designed to meet your needs.

    We deliver bespoke packages of training throughout the UK, from team sizes of 5 up to groups of 20. The training is presented by a qualified and experienced trainer and price includes a resource/training pack for all participants.

  • Training length and location
  • Self harm training locations and durations

    Training can be delivered at a training venue suitable for you; we will travel to you and deliver training in your working environment.

    Training can also be delivered over 1 or 2 days, usually, to meet your needs.

  • General training packages
  • General self harm training packages

    Our general training days provide an opportunity for individuals from a broad range of professional arenas to attend and get a detailed overview of self harm and working with self harm. Although there is some opportunity for delegates to explore the impact upon them in their own professional arenas, the training is non-specific to a particular field.

    Places on the training are sold on an individual basis, but provide an opportunity for people to share experience across fields to develop their skills and understanding.

  • The areas our training covers
  • Topics for self harm training

    • What self harm is, and who it effects
    • What causes someone to self harm
    • What can be done to support and help people who self harm
    • Managing the impact of self harm, the structures that support best practice
    • Supporting carers and professionals when working with those that self harm
    • Managing and assessing for risk, how can we improve our risk management strategies, and prevent serious harm, or potential loss of life
    • Useful strategies and interventions
    • Organisational structures, policy and obligations

All training is presented by an experienced CPD registered trainer and in line with NICE Guidance (2004)

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