Creativity: Making Things

Being creative is something that we can all do.

Many people feel they aren’t creative, can’t draw perhaps, can’t even sew on a button or might even be a little fearful of expressing any kind of creativity. I would class myself as one of those people, I’m dreadful at drawing and really have to think about being creative and creating. But I’ve come to realise that that is totally fine and just a different way of being creative. We can’t all be Khalos and Picassos!

Creating is something that I have used over the years as an informal therapy, to be mindful and access a place of calm when feeling stuck, stressed, anxious or down. I have fond memories of making stuff as a kid with my mum, meticulously following the instructions from ITV’s Art Attack or watching my mum cross-stitch, mesmerised. As an adult I rediscovered crafts when my sister bought me a sewing magazine to keep me occupied during a long stint stuck in a hospital bed in my early 20s.

So, I want to encourage you to give creating a go and find what works for you and how you are creative. It might be colouring-in, doodling, knitting, painting, felting, decorating/DIY, sewing, origami, it could even be arranging things on a shelf, so it looks amazing. That really is a skill!

For me the process of sewing and making/constructing something from nothing is my go-to craft. Patchwork and rag-rugging are something that I really relish, both are long process so keep me focused, I get to recycle (another passion) and I also find the repetitive nature of sewing quite soothing and mindful. When it’s done, I also get a massive sense of achievement. The sense of achievement can be the most powerful aspect of creativity at a time when you may feel you aren’t getting a lot done or feel you have no control over anything else going on (in times like these I imagine we’re all feeling this way at times), which is why making and creating can be a really valuable pass time.

Here are some things that I’ve created in the past and recently

  • Patchwork wedding dress (this was a friend and family effort and incorporated fabrics from friends and family, it took me 5 years on and off = long process)
  • Rag rainbow wreath (my contribution to the street rainbows to celebrate key workers)
  • Empowering stitch (a stitch for a friend, the joy of creating for someone is also a big positive)

Thank you for reading. Stay home, stay safe and take care.

~ Kirby