Permission to Play

In this blog post here is permission for everyone to PLAY.

I imagine it will mostly be adults reading these posts, and I want to tell you that even as adults we can, we do, and we should play! It’s totally okay. In fact, research has shown the positive impact that play can have on our mental health and well-being. Taking the example of Drama therapy, where play is actively and positively promoted. This treatment approach provides a theatrical platform to express feelings, solve problems, and achieve therapeutic goals.

We’ve already read other blog posts about being creative and spending time in nature/gardening, which embody the idea of play. But there are so many other aspects of life where we are playing, and if we can see them as play, be mindful in our daily life of this, we can enjoy the feelings and positivity these activities give us.

Cooking as play – I’m not an amazing or dedicated cook but I love to play in the kitchen, I’ve tried making yogurt, various fermented things, jam, chutney, wine… When cooking I often just make it up and I was noticing this the other day. I was reminded of how play cooking and make mud-pies as a kid. Cooking my soup for yesterday’s lunch was just the same, a creative experiment. It’s just I was able to eat the soup. I encourage you to be mindful in the kitchen, have a play and enjoy the process, how it makes you feel and the results.

Lego, board games, fancy dress and hide and seek are all play that I enjoy as an adult. Singing, playing musical instruments and making up songs, the list of how to play is endless. The joy is expression, freedom and of wanting or choosing to do these things, being mindful of how they make you feel and doing those things that feel positive more often, allowing yourself that luxury and treat.

I particularly enjoying play acting and making up voices and words and languages. I don’t think I’m alone in this… And perhaps I’m exposing a well held secret of many households across the UK. As a kid my family would have silly made-up words and voices that we enjoyed using to make each other laugh and to cheer each other up, many random words also becoming normal parts of our vocabulary. This is something that I still do to this day, but recently realised how good and energised it made me feel. Also, a way to realise energy and relax. So, do voices. And play!

Here’s some great inspiration:

Thank you for reading. Stay home, stay safe and take care.

~ Kirby