Do we really know what it means to be kind?

For this weeks theme creativity for good mental health I’m adding a bit of a twist. I’m being creative by giving you a bit of imagery to open up your mind.

Imagine there’s a person stood in the centre of a room, but you can’t see their face because that person is surrounded by a lot of people, people who don’t know them, people who are full of judgement,who are hurling abuse at them and there’s no escape from the masses, the person is blocked in and that room is getting smaller and smaller and more crowded for them. Now you push your way to the front of the crowd and you look down to realise that person is your person, your favourite person. Maybe that’s your mum, or your sibling or your best friend but it’s someone you love so deeply. Everyone is someone’s person and everyone makes mistakes, but they don’t deserve to be treated in a manner that pushes them to breaking point.

In a World where you can be anything, be kind.

I saw this post being shared a lot. But do we really know what it means to be kind? Being kind is being aware of how your actions and words can affect someone, it’s a warm smile and a helping hand, it’s accepting that we all make mistakes and that no one is perfect, it’s keeping your opinion to yourself if it’s going to hurt someone. I really believe being kind is good for your heart, soul and mind. So don’t add more pain and hate into the World. Truly be kind.



Suicide Bereavement Support Officer