Reading a book: how novel! Sometimes we all struggle to find a little catharsis!

As a therapist and the CEO of Harmless often people look to me to tell them what to do, both personally and professionally. This happens both implicitly and explicitly; a request for help, some advice on a pertinent issue, a hand to hold in a crisis… but often in the kind of role that I hold people look to me for guidance in a different way.

I try to lead by example. That’s the best tool that I have in my armoury, really, and the best advice that I have to give.

I live a life that’s relatively easy to follow; I live my life quite simply. Work hard. Love hard.

One example that I haven’t set in a positive manner is that of work- life balance. Whilst I adore my family I have systematically found myself over-working because the burden I feel to support the many, many vulnerable people that access our service is pressing.

Over recent months our service has faced the most tremendous challenges in the face of covid-19 and many of us faced burnout.

I am now revisiting so many old strategies to try and recover a state of catharsis, recovery and pass times that aren’t just related to being a mum or a CEO; they are about being something to myself and for myself.

I have read a book, picked up my pencils and started to draw and ensured that I spend at least some of the day in the outdoors. This is a new effort because no matter who we are, we really need to make the effort toward self-care.

For those of us with a tendency toward perfectionism and drive with a high work ethic it can be ever more pressing to try and revisit the concept of catharsis and escapism. I

t doesn’t come easy; it takes practice and it doesn’t matter who we are and what we do, it is an effort worth making as we all try to stay healthy and well.

Reading a book, how novel!