Plans on hold – learning, educating and keeping your brain engaged 

Currently the whole world feels like it’s on pause and if anyone is like me they’re a little anxious about things they can’t complete or plans they had that they now have no idea when are going to happen. For example education, courses and for me moving so that I no longer have to house share.

It’s easy to focus on all the things that won’t get done or not knowing where you stand in a situation. But one thing I’ve been telling my clients is to focus on what can be done, for example bonding with family, starting up that hobby you’ve always wanted to, catching up on shows or books or even assignments that you can.

I have been in a similar situation, not quite on this level but feeling on pause. When I was in education I started a masters in finance and accounting and realised that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. So I dropped out and had to wait for the next year to come round to start the course I really wanted to. But in that time I really researched into what I wanted to do, I volunteered and really gave myself time to listen to what I really wanted so that when I finally started my masters I knew it was right for me and I did really well. Take time to breathe and get to know yourself better. If before you were in a situation that you weren’t happy with, take time now to find out what will make you happy and what you can do to make that happen in future.



Suicide Bereavement Support Officer