World Mental Health Day: The Five Ways to Wellbeing

Saturday 10th October 2020 saw this year’s World Mental Health Day. The Theme? Mental Health For All.

In our Harmless Let’s Talk Training sessions, we often mention the Five Ways to Wellbeing – a well-researched framework for keeping up good mental health. Created by the New Economics Foundation, it gives us an idea of five important areas that we can all practice ‘topping up’ in order to have good mental health and wellbeing.

We have made some lovely short videos for you to explore, with us, the Five Ways. Think of them as an ‘Emotional Five a Day’ – I know I do!

As ever, take care of yourselves. Although the 10th October has now passed, let’s make sure we’re continuing to work together every single day of the year to build good Mental Health For All.

  1. Connect

2. Learn

3. Take Notice

4. Give

5. Be Active

~ Claire Dixon (Training Service Manager (Sales) and Specialist Trainer)