A big thank you to all of our supporters!

To all of our supporters,

Whilst I’m still tucked away in my little corner of the world I wanted to reach out and wish you all a happy holiday this Christmas.

This year has been tough on so many levels; things we have faced together and those we have faced apart. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for whatever part you have played in supporting everyone at Harmless and The Tomorrow Project.

We are so very proud of what we have achieved this year. More recently with the launch of our new website and least of all, the massive threat that Covid brought to our service and the lives of those we help.

So, whether it is because you have offered support or a kind word or actively delivered work to or with us – we thank you.

As we move into 2021, I hope you will all move with us and continue to collaborate, celebrate and support our work.

If you share a post, retweet a tweet, come to an event or refer into service, you are helping.

In 2021 we will host our 6th Annual self harm conference and we hope you can join us as we bring together an effort to provide vital self harm learning in one place.

For now, I’m wishing you a peaceful time however you’ll be spending the holidays.

Again, my thanks,

Caroline, CEO