Comic Relief on BBC1 Tonight

Our self-harm and suicide prevention services are currently supported by Comic Relief. Without this support, we would not be able to offer the life-saving support that is so needed, maybe now more than ever.

Over the past few years, Comic Relief have supported us to help over 500 people access practical, emotional and therapeutic support, all whilst having direct access to a crisis worker, when they needed it most.

Here are some words from someone who has been helped by our service:

I started to struggle with self-harm again and wanted to end my life. I got given the Harmless number by my doctor. After holding back a few times, I finally gave harmless a ring when I wasn’t in a good place. They offered me a safe and comfortable place to be able to talk about anything, worries, problems, feelings and struggles without being judged. And somewhere I can just let it all out. They offered help, support, coping skills, referrals, someone to talk to, I was popped on the waiting list to see one of their therapist and given emergency numbers to ring out of hours.

To all of those at Comic Relief and to all those that support them, we’d like to say a big thank you for supporting us do what we do best – spread hope and save lives.

So tonight, get comfy on the sofa and enjoy a night of incredible TV with plenty of surprises and laughs on BBC1 and iPlayer from 7pm. Support us by supporting them and help us save more lives.