We are a proud bunch!

We can not describe how excited and humbled we are to announce that the Let’s Talk Training team at Harmless have recently received an award from Education and Training Awards 2021, as the Most Compassionate Suicide Prevention Support Service.

In the short four months so far of 2021, the training team has already delivered 118 training sessions (414 hours) around the topics of mental health, self harm and suicide prevention. Training over 2,050 frontline staff to develop their skills and build confidence in responding to individuals in distress.

We hope by providing education, we can positively impact the lives of those experiencing emotional distress, with compassion at the core of everything that we do. Our training creates revenue and profit from training goes directly to fund our LIFE SAVING support services. This means we can offer a specialist support service to whoever needs it, for as long as they need it, without imposing any restrictions. This award and appreciation of our mission means the world to the training team.

Thank you for recognising our commitment and dedication to suicide prevention and congratulations to the training team who work tirelessly make it possible.