Upcoming Suicide Intervention Training

When you think about suicide, how does it make you feel? Scared, Uncomfortable, Angry, Upset? I know, if I am honest, that those are some of the feelings I used to experience when thinking about suicide. That is until one day nearly 6 years ago now, when my partner walked out of our home, leaving me with a very uneasy feeling that something wasn’t right, 2 days later after reporting him missing to the police I received that knock on the door, that knock you never believe will happen, there stood 2 police officers, hats under their arms with the devastating news that my partner had been found, and he was dead, it was suicide I just knew it was, and this was confirmed at a later date.

Hindsight can be a horrible thing, all the signs I could have seen and acted upon, all the words I could have said, but I didn’t know or understand suicide, or how to intervene when someone might be in a suicidal crisis, suicide was still surrounded in myths and fear for me, the same myths and stigmas that society has grown up with. I however, from the moment of hearing the police saying those words to me knew I had to make a change, I had to make society a safer place for my children (then age 7, 11months and 8 weeks in utero) to grow up in, I had to make sure I and others knew how to reach out and help those in crisis, without fear or judgement. That my children and all the other children growing up in this world both male and female could reach out and say, “help me, I’m struggling, I’m planning to end my own life” and receive the help they deserve, and that anyone in society is able to give that help with fear or judgement, that society is educated around mental illness and suicidal thoughts and crisis.

Why am I sharing my journey with you? I am sharing my journey for many reasons really, to raise awareness that suicide happens and the devastation it leaves behind, to get conversations around suicide happening, as this is part of reducing the fear and stigmas that inhibit people from either helping or reaching out for help, but my main reason is to be part of the change. This is what has led me to Harmless CIC, where I now work as a trainer giving people the skills, knowledge and confidence required to intervene to those in crisis, and I would love it if you too could be part of the change. Change the narrative of suicide, change your thoughts and fears around suicide, be part of the change in society, be a person who could save a life or life’s, I’m truly not exaggerating when I’m saying this, learning the skills to intervene and help those in a suicidal crisis can and does save life’s.

If this is something you would like to be a part of then please do look at Harmless CIC’s Suicide Intervention training below, not only is it free (please see eligibility criteria below) but its informative, interactive and CDP accredited, lets make our patch of the world a safe place to live, suicide isn’t inevitable.

Suicide Intervention training

– online via Zoom FREE for Third Sector/charity workers  in Nottinghamshire

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of suicide
  • Awareness of myths and facts surrounding suicide
  • Recognise risk factors and warning signs for suicide
  • Develop an understanding of suicide and stigma
  • Recognise the wider impact of suicide
  • Identify effective risk assessing skills
  • Build skill and confidence in responding to and supporting someone in suicidal crisis
  • Recognise the importance of recovery and support, including ways of maintaining mental wellbeing
  • Discuss signposting individuals to appropriate, professional help

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