Shave to Save Update

It is with great pleasure I can announce the final total raised is an exciting £1,466.25

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who donated and encouraged this fundraiser. I have genuinely been blown away by the collective support and generosity of everyone. With the money raised we can offer just under 60 lifesaving therapy sessions to those at risk or who are self harming or suicidal.

It was a rather crisp Friday afternoon when I headed up to East Leake however, I was wrapped in the warmth and care from family, friends and colleagues.

I had never felt such a mixture of excitement and trepidation for the unknown. What will my head look like? Will I like it? What if I hate it? Will people laugh? Despite the roller coaster of emotions, you can probably tell from the photos, I was nothing but over the moon with the results.

It has felt very empowering to take the distress I was experiencing and turn it into something positive and hopeful. With the money raised I am pleased to collectively pass this hope forward to others experiencing distress.

Once again thank you so much for standing with me to raise awareness and drive change for those at risk or who are self harming or suicidal, as well as their family, friends and colleagues.

As the new year draws ever closer, you too may be contemplating carrying out an act of kindness. If your passions are aligned to inspiring hope and saving lives, may I persuade your efforts to follow on from my activities and create your own fundraising opportunity for Harmless (shaving heads not mandatory).

If you are interested in creating your own fundraiser, get in touch with the wonderful Harmless team today,