From Harm To Hope Conference: Sarah Kessling Session Highlights

In line with self harm awareness day on the 1st March, Harmless launched our 7th annual Self Harm and Suicide Prevention Conference: From Harm to Hope.  The theme for the 2022 conference is: Building resilience for the future. 

Whilst the conference launched in March 2022, tickets are still available to purchase.  This gives you the freedom to access the sessions at your convenience, and remember that this unique conference is CPD accredited!

For anyone who might not have had a chance to check it out yet, you might find this post helpful as we’ll be taking a look at some key points to take away from the first session. 

The first speaker session is led by the knowledgeable, Sarah Kessling, who talks to us about stabilisation in self harm support.

3 Key Points to take away

  1. Self harm provision in the UK is lagging behind. We know that there’s an increase in demand that we often discuss, and that the evidence base for effective interventions is very limited for self harm. 
  2. Increasingly in national policy and guidance, self harm prevention is seen as a strand and form of suicide prevention. Not because those who self harm inevitably go on to plan or attempt suicide, but those who self harm are known to be a high risk group for potential future suicide.  Anything we can do to reduce self harm behaviours and the distress which leads to someone self harming, particularly in the long term – will reduce the future likelihood of dying by suicide. Self harm should be a public health priority if we are to prevent / reduce further loss of life.  
  3. Scalable interventions have the potential to improve effectiveness and accessibility, reaching more people with cost effectiveness and resource efficiency. 

There is a wealth of knowledge throughout the 8 conference sessions, so don’t miss this chance.  Tickets can be purchased here for £50 only. 

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