Introducing the Bereavement Team: Fiona

Over the next few weeks we will be posting blogs introducing our amazing bereavement team! First up, is Fiona. Fiona works in our Leicester office and joined our team in February 2022 so is one of the newest in our ranks.

I previously worked in mental health, I trained as a psychiatric nurse back in the early 1990’s with the NHS for 8yrs, worked in the voluntary sector managing a mental health resource centre for 11yrs and the last 4yrs I worked in a supported housing project for people with long term mental health conditions.

From joining The Tomorrow Project it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. I was apprehensive about supporting people bereaved by suicide because it was a new role but I was looking forward to a new challenge in my career. There are parts of this job which will take me time to get used to but I am really looking forward to developing and learning as part of my role. Everyone in the team has been really welcoming and seems really dedicated to putting the clients at the centre of the service.

Now I have completed my initial induction and started seeing clients I feel even more integrated into the team and feel fully able to contribute. My first sessions with clients through a mixture of phone contact and face to face has made the process feel real. I feel very privileged that complete strangers trust me enough to share their personal stories. That shows great strength on their part and that seeking support is a brave step in the right direction.

The sessions can be tough and emotional, it’s often supporting people in the worst times of their life, but the impact we make and giving the clients hope makes it all worthwhile. I am still adapting but my previous experience has helped a lot with people skills and resilience. My immediate team are very supportive, as is the wider organisation. I also really appreciate the time spent away from work to recharge by engaging with nature, creativity, food, family, friends and humour is important as it’s a major release for everyone.