Introducing the Bereavement Team: Satinder

My passion to work in suicide and self-harm arose from my previous job where I worked as a senior support worker across supported accommodations in the community. Via this job, I supported individuals from various backgrounds including mental health and substance & alcohol misuse issues, domestic violence, and learning difficulties. Whilst working, I also completed my education and graduated with a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Health Psychology. Through my education and work experience, I recognised the lack of support and understanding for individuals affected by a loved one with a chronic health issue. Bereavement by suicide was a common experience that many of the people I supported experienced, and it was this that triggered my passion to work within suicide bereavement, and lead me to apply for my current role.

Some interesting facts about me: I was born in India and moved to England in 1998 when I was 7 years old. I am passionate about the weather, environment, nature, countryside, walking and photography, and can speak Punjabi. I am very keen to incorporate my passions into my work and the people I support because I believe that we all have to have something that we are passionate about because it gives us hope and reasons to live.

I really look forward to my time in The Tomorrow Project, working with the team and supporting individuals who access our service.