Introducing the Bereavement Team: Anne

I’m Anne and I’ve been within the service for just over a year now. I originally started in the Harmless- Out of Hours service that we run because I was studying Counselling and Psychotherapy at University. I then moved full time onto the bereavement team as a Bereavement Clinical Support worker.

Working within mental health is an area I am passionate about as this can be a time you can feel on your own regardless of those around you. Previously I have worked in other mental health settings such as supporting adults in the community with psychosis and substance misuse, Residential Childrens care homes before coming to Harmless.

Although bereavement is a sensitive topic for many, especially those experiencing it, being able to ‘stay’ with someone through one of the most difficult times is such a rewarding and valuable role.
In my spare time I enjoy being with friends, yoga, salsa, going to the gym, being outdoors, baking and cuddles with my bunny child Norman, who I probably speak way too much about.

A fun fact (or maybe not): I’ve scuba dived with Dolphins in their real home at Dolphin house, Egypt, who also copied me and my dive buddy by holding fins. I also realised Dolphin house is not actually a house built for dolphins, just the open sea. Maybe that’s two facts.