Check in with a friend today!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

If you are reading this blog, I would like you to take the opportunity to check in with a friend today. Never underestimate the power a few simple words can have on someone’s day. The act of reaching out could make a world of difference, even if you don’t know it.

I’ve written some examples of simple texts to send to someone. These are to show you’re there for them if they are struggling. I, for one, know I could spend 4 hours of my time not knowing what to type. So, I thought I’d help.


Starting a conversation

Hey, just wanted to check in, how are you doing?

Hey! I saw this and it reminded me of you 😊 How have you been?

Hey, how have things been with you? Fancy arranging a catch up?

Empathetic phrases
I’m always here if you ever need to talk

We can talk about anything you feel comfortable with

I may not understand, but I’m here to support you however I can

Whenever you are ready, I am here

I want to let you know, you are not alone

I think it’s also important to remember to check in on the “strong friend” in the group. The one who may be the “parent” or the one you feel you can always go to. We can never be sure of someone’s inner thoughts, even if we know their personality inside and out.

Knowing someone is there for you and cares for you, is a key step towards feeling comfortable to opening up inner thoughts and feelings. Individuals can feel like talking about their mental health can be a burden or they should be ashamed to speak about it. We can help this. So, send a text today and show someone you are there for them, you never know what impact you may be having.

I hope this helps 🙂

Anonymous Crisis Worker x