Introducing the Bereavement Team- Tom

Hello, I am Tom, I am the Team Lead for the bereavement pathway of The Tomorrow Project. I have a Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology and I am also a qualified counsellor. I have worked at The Tomorrow Project for 2 ½ years now, starting as a clinical bereavement support worker in Derbyshire. I have really enjoyed my time with The Tomorrow Project and have seen it expand and develop hugely in my time with them.

In my spare time I enjoy walking, whether that be rain or shine, although it often feels much more like rain than shine! I am fortunate to live quite close to the Peak District so I have some really nice walks on my door step. I am a bit of an explorer on my walks meaning I sometimes get a bit lost and sometimes have to double back on myself but it’s all good fun!

I also enjoy watching sport including football, cricket and boxing. I would like to say that watching these sports helps me relax and gives me a positive distraction. However, as a Sheffield Wednesday fan I think the actual outcome is more stress and perpetual disappointment!

Another of my passions is cooking. I like to experiment and make new dishes but never seem to do this as much as I should, as after a long day at work something quick and easy always seems more appealing. When I do make the time to experiment with cooking I find it such a rewarding and almost therapeutic experience. The focus on the cooking is a really effective grounding experience and makes you very present. It also boosts your confidence, and you get to eat your creation at the end, which is great, well most of the time!