Co-Production Far from a Buzzword but an Essential Part of Recovery

What is Co-Production?

Co-production is relatively new to research, academia and teaching etc, but has been steadily emerging over the last decade and rightly so, it is now seen as an essential element of the Recovery Framework, something which we champion and believe in whole heartily here at Harmless.

Before I say more about what co production is it is wise to say what it is not! It is not: Co-planning, co-design, co-delivery, or co-evaluation. Co-production IS all of these, in fact co production CAN NOT occur without all these elements, collaboration must be there from the very first phase right through to the evaluation and then ongoing.

Holding hand with care and support

Why Co-Produce?

To make services acceptable and fit for purpose, the experience and expertise of those who are at the receiving end of such services are as vital as those who are delivering the services. By recognising that to deliver successful services the users needs’ must be heard and engaged in both the design and delivery.

Co-production engages reciprocity and mutuality for all parties involved, it helps to exchange knowledge, build skills and confidence, which is highly beneficial for all, especially where the recovery journey is concerned.

Co-production fits with the Doing with, not to or for and Nothing about us without us (Charlton. J. I. (2000), it increases reach, knowledge, innovation, validity, and sustainability, this is how we work with our clients here at Harmless, true collaboration and empowerment. Although I am not sure if can really say we co-produce, what I can say with certainty is that we hold all the core elements very close to our hearts within are user-led services.

Within our training session we also share this with our wonderful delegates, so going forward all those who support or work within services can also collaborate and empower, giving a voice to the all too often unheard.

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