It’s ok to struggle in the heat

Good afternoon to all you lovely individuals,

Wow, what a sweaty start to the week it has been. Do not get me wrong, I love summer, but this is taking it to a whole new level. I’m ready for snow now.

For this blog post, I wanted to remind everyone to check in with themselves. Heatwaves can have a huge impact on people’s mental health. My anxiety was definitely triggered, I was worried about if I had a panic attack, how would I find fresh air to cool me down? I mean I was already hot enough as it was, would my panic attack make me hotter? How would I get through it? The past 2 days, this was definitely on my mind.

Some things that helped me get through were not pushing myself too much, you really have to listen to your body through times like this. Is this too much for me? Putting your well-being first is essential. I also took regular breaks from whatever I was doing, sometimes this meant me sticking my face in the fridge and I accepted that this is what I needed to do! If I felt myself getting overwhelmed and struggling to cool down, I made sure I took time to help myself.

It’s definitely easy for people to say during a heatwave “Brits are so dramatic, people pay for this weather”, yes that is true, but I also pay to be sat by a sun lounger next to a cold pool with an ice cold drink. I’m not sat in house with my 2 fluffy dogs and no air con, doing the washing. So it’s ok if we are struggling, you do what you need to do, your feelings are valid. You are allowed to not be ok. We are all different.

Please do take time for yourself during these hot times, remember your well-being is important. You can only do what you can and that is enough.

Anonymous Tomorrow Project Support Worker 🙂