Drop-In Services

Did you know that we have lots of different drop-in services available throughout the week?

These services are open to all, so whilst they can be used by our clients and people on our waiting lists, they are open to the public too.

These services are ideal for if you need more immediate support and don’t want to wait. They’re also perfect for if you don’t feel ready for the commitment of weekly sessions, and would find a one-off session more comfortable and pressure-free.

We have a wide range of services available, including:

  • Text Services
  • Services open during the day, evening, or night
  • Group sessions
  • 1-1 sessions
  • Online support
  • Telephone sessions
  • Face-to-face support

All of these are available in addition to our mainstream self-harm, suicide crisis, and suicide bereavement services.

All the information and details are available on the calendar page of our website, which can be found here.