Social Media – Is that me?

There are always conversations around social media and how they affect our mental health in a negative way. The conversations are usually based around how we judge and compare ourselves to others we see online. This being people we know, complete strangers or celebrities. Social media does not openly allow us to mentally grow as we are made to feel like we have to be a certain way, to look a certain way, to post things that get the most likes, that spark the conversations and give us that reason to be “social” on social media. The addiction has become a normal daily habit for most of us. 

There is a large baseline of expectation for us as people who post and or observe different platforms and they not only give us options to compare others but ourselves.  “Memories” are sometimes forced up on us to reflect on what used to be, what we used to have and do. Our lives in the real-world change on a daily basis, however social media posts remain the same. As life changes, it can be hard to accept memories so often seen and miss the person you were at a certain point in your life and the life you once lived that is no longer obtainable. 

Maybe alongside social media, it is about growing up and again those life changes having a big impact on us. But can we be jealous of ourselves? 

Taking a negative reflection and turning it into a good one that is purposeful to who we are now, could go as follows: 

“I miss travelling so much, I wish I could do that now.”

This may no longer be available now due to finances, new children, time, health or other.

A positive could be, “I love that I had those opportunities and created those memories” or “I know I can’t do it as often, but when I can it will be something I can look forward to and not take for granted”. 

“I wish I still looked like that”.

Positive mindset change – “I am grateful for my body and what it has abled me to do but I will not let it determine my happiness”. 

Life changes can be hard, but they can also be good turning points. Whatever you may feel at any point in your life, it is okay! What has been, has been and what will be, will be. Love yourself through every change and be vocal about needing reminders about how great you are when needed!