Small wins

I think sometimes we forget to appreciate and recognise the small wins. Small wins can be anything that aligns with long term goals or your intentions, and can be related to anything! Negative thoughts can easily creep into our mind and diminish our achievements. We often gloss over these wins, especially when we might consider them “small”, or be particularly self-critical. 

Changing how we perceive small wins can often improve our mood, energy and make us feel a sense of accomplishment. Here are some ways to change our perception of small wins. 

  1. Understand their importance – small wins are often a sign that we are well on the way to an end goal, it’s a myth that we are only successful when we have reached an end goal. 
  1. Stop for a minute – take a second to appreciate yourself! The world can be overwhelming and fast paced, by taking a minute to appreciate yourself you can process the small things. 
  1. Allow yourself to get excited – celebrating small victories can give you bursts of energy! When energy is low it is hard to accomplish anything. Celebrating small wins might be exactly what you need to improve motivation and energy. A sense of accomplishment can make a difference.

You deserve to celebrate yourself and your own personal goals, whether that’s talking to someone about how you are feeling, making that phone call you’ve been putting off for weeks, or finally getting through that load of washing. All accomplishments are valid! I hope today, you can think of one thing you have accomplished that you are proud of.

Charlotte Burt – Clinical support worker