Living Recovery

Recovery, what does it mean and how do we live recovery?

There are two types of recovery, firstly, the medical model of recovery is: Returning to oneself prior to the onset of any symptoms. Secondly there is the mental health and wellbeing model of recovery, which is what we at Harmless are passionate about: Living a fulfilling life despite of any ongoing symptoms. I should add here that we are of course aware that the medical model sits side by side with the mental health and wellbeing model, as your physical health impacts your mental health and vice versa.

So how do we live recovery?

To be honest that is a tricky question, which begs the question why I am choosing to write this, when I do not really have an answer! The thing about living recovery is that it is a process, its nonlinear, it can be messy, or as I like to call it, it is a Cha Cha Cha dance, forward, back and side to side! How we as individuals take those steps is dependant on many outside variables.

Recovery takes times and support, and the hardest part is learning to support YOU, believing in yourself, and allowing yourself to live the recovery that works for you.

I have been on my journey of recovery for 7 years now, and I can qualify for the (unenviable) title of expert by experience and have been living recovery in various forms, none of which are wrong, there is no wrong where recovery is concerned. I can however say that I have only been living recovery for maybe 2 of those 7 years! It has taken me that long to see MY part and achievements in my journey, it has taken that long to allow myself to live recovery, and by this I mean, spending the weekend (or other days of the week) in pyjamas on the sofa, remote control at hand, and not feeling like I have somehow failed, but instead feeling like I am recharging myself and this is OKAY. Not doing ANY housework, and then telling my self I have let everyone down because there are no clean cups but instead said, if you want a cup wash it up because today, I am working on ME.

Living recovery is allowing YOU to STOP and knowing its not failing, or a setback, its just part of the journey.

I want you to know, recovery is 100% possible, be your own cheerleader, you are amazing, do not beat yourself up if you have a bad day/week/month, just remember it’s a Cha Cha Cha, not a straight line.

Where to go to find extra support: