Cheshire & Merseyside Training – What do our delegates have to say?

As an organisation that is passionate about offering support to those in need, our Let’s Talk Training team is always working hard to keep our training sessions engaging and full of hope.
We have been so pleased to review all of the lovely feedback that delegates have sent to us post training sessions, and we wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has chosen to participate in our training sessions.
As a service, we are committed to updating all training before each delivery, to ensure that the most current research and best practice is embedded through all courses in a timely manner.
In particular, the training we have been offering in Cheshire and Merseyside has been in high demand. We recently received the following lovely feedback:

“I’ve had a lot of training on self-harm and have practical experience working with people (and friends etc) so I have knowledge on the subject already. However, I always appreciate a recap because it’s easy to be complacent and this was probably the best training, I’ve had on it. There was an appropriate level of personal experience shared which gave greater understanding of the content of the training without feeling like it was “too much” and taking over the session. Really liked the very practical tips as well and thinking about when we might use them (whether someone’s feeling anger/anxiety etc). Great to get up to date on NICE guidelines as well – we don’t always get time to read it regularly like we should.” – Delegate Testimonial 

As trainers, we can often get so busy, we often don’t realise or forget to take the time to remember the impact which our training has had on delegates. 

This is a good reminder of why training is so important and why we do what we do.  We know that our training will go on to help many people who are struggling to cope, and empower workers to feel confident in how they provide support. 

It has been an absolute joy to meet so many individuals who are just as passionate about mental health, self harm & suicide prevention and postvention support as we are. 

We hope to see many more join us in 2023 for our training sessions. 

For more information on training which is available, please either email: 

Alternatively, check out for our upcoming deliveries. 

Bespoke training is also available to organisations, as well as our online virtual learning e-portal.