We are getting back to Face-to-Face events and meetings.

This year we will be hosting our National Suicide Bereavement Conference on the 1st of March, and we are offering an in person or via live stream option, in our pursuit to ensuring as many people as possible has access to this even.

I think you might agree that Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google meet meetings, continue to be the way we conduct many of our communications between colleagues and stakeholder, and we have become accustomed to live Webinars and attending virtual conferences. Whether it’s phone calls, video calls or online meetings, maintaining focus while seeing email notifications or comments during a virtual meeting pop up can be distracting for some if not all of us.

The importance of human contact in our world today, where everything is either automated or virtual is vital. We thrive on physical interaction, the opportunity to build meaningful business relationships, networking and shared experiences. I would go as far as to say that perhaps for many of us it’s also more memorable compared to another Zoom or Teams call.

Guests who decide to attend the conference in person will have the opportunity to not only learn from our guest speakers, ask questions only, they would also be able to network with individuals representing other sectors and build relationships during the main auditorium sessions and also during the smaller workshop sessions.

So, if you are undecided between the two options available to you, then perhaps considering what more you might gain from attending this event in person.

All funds raised goes back into our service to continue our work in supporting those individuals who are in crisis and distress and we thank you in advance for supporting and playing a part in changing and saving lives.

For more information and to book your face-to-face conference ticket please visit our Eventbrite page or email us at training@harmless.org.uk

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