Self Harm Awareness Day 2023


Self Harm Awareness Day takes place around the world on 1st March every year. In 2023, Harmless will join other organisations from across the UK to raise awareness and dispel myths around this often misunderstood issue.

Harmless has developed new branding and a media pack that it is distributing as widely as possible to bring greater attention to the day. To join us in helping to spread the word, you can download a pack by clicking here.

Frequently perceived as a young person’s problem, in fact we are seeing an increase in self harm across all age groups regardless of gender, ethnicity or cultural background. Self harm and suicide are distinct, yet related issues. While most people who self harm will not go on to attempt suicide, it does dramatically increase the risk.

“We are seeing a real problem with self harm growing across the board and in people from all backgrounds. We have long waiting lists of people who need our help. The demand for our services is increasing particularly because of the current cost-of-living crisis, while our own resources are being stretched due to the same pressures.” – Caroline Harroe, CEO, Harmless

Although we are seeing increasing levels of self harm, it is important to reassure those affected that hope and help is available.

“I began to feel isolated and angry. But most of all I felt depressed. I turned to self harm… I was referred to Harmless. Harmless focuses solely on self harm and it was here I found out more about myself and how I could deal with it… It has now been over a year since I last self harmed and that’s been tough but such an achievement. I still get angry, but I cope. I still feel low, but I cope.” – Harmless Service User

Self Harm Awareness Day offers an opportunity to publicise this important issue and the tireless work undertaken by so many organisations to tackle it. By raising awareness of self harm and the pain it causes to so many, together we can challenge the stigma surrounding the issue and save lives.