A Day in the Life of Harmless

By Sydney Cooke (Self Harm Team Lead)

This picture was taken on a Friday afternoon at 4pm. My colleague and I had gone a bit stir crazy by this point in the week. Could we string a sentence together? Absolutely not.

No two days at Harmless are the same. One minute you are preparing a report for commissioners to demonstrate the lifesaving work we do, the next you are writing up client notes from a clinical session. Another day we might be discussing the next innovation for our service. And sometimes you are simply asking a colleague to take a picture with a toy octopus on their head. The point is, we don’t know what’s coming next and sometimes that is what makes working here so unique.

It’s important to share. We are people too, going through our own struggles. Whether it’s present or past experiences, we can relate to what some of our clients are going through. We can listen, we can understand and we can support, while also recognising the need to take time to wind down.

Sometimes we just need to laugh at a silly picture at the end of the week, and that’s OK.

At Harmless, we encourage our staff to take five minutes with their colleagues to step away and take a breather. We need time too. Who knows what silly picture we’ll be taking at 4pm next Friday.


Harmless is currently recruiting for several roles in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. You can find details of all our vacancies here.