Why Workforce Welfare is Paramount for Harmless

By Caroline Harroe (Harmless CEO)

Working in the field of self harm and suicide prevention can be emotionally demanding. Staff at Harmless, a leading provider of training and resources for the prevention of self harm and suicide, are exposed to the harsh realities of these issues on a daily basis. It is therefore essential that Harmless takes its staff’s health and well-being incredibly seriously.

Firstly, Harmless is a pioneer in the four-day working week. This move has been made to improve productivity and employee well-being. This enables staff to be better rested, which in turn improves their mental and physical health, and allows them to have more time to pursue personal interests and activities, which can also reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Secondly, Harmless offers comprehensive access to counselling for all employees at no cost when work starts to impact that welfare. Harmless employs a team of highly-qualified and experienced clinicians who understand the unique challenges of those working in the self harm and suicide prevention field. This level of support allows staff to seek the help they need to manage their own stress and emotional well-being, and to build resilience in the face of the difficult work they do.

The Harmless approach to workforce welfare is not just about providing support; it is about creating a culture of care and respect within the organisation. This is evident in the company’s open and supportive communication culture, and the emphasis on staff engagement and participation in decision-making processes. This approach fosters a sense of belonging and ownership among staff, which helps to reduce stress and create a more positive and productive work environment.

By taking workforce welfare seriously, Harmless is not only investing in the well-being of its employees; it is also investing in the effectiveness of its services. When staff are well, they are more likely to be engaged, productive and creative. This can lead to better outcomes for the clients Harmless serves.

In conclusion, Harmless’s commitment to workforce welfare is a reflection of its deep understanding of the challenges and rewards of working in the self harm and suicide prevention field. By prioritising employee well-being, Harmless is setting an example for other organisations working in this sector, and making a real difference in the lives of its staff and clients.

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