A Day in the Life of a CEO

By Caroline Harroe (Harmless CEO)

Oh, the life of a CEO at Harmless – not the least bit glamorous. Let me take you through a ‘typical’ day where the real, often comical hustle begins.

It starts at 1 am — yes, you heard that right. The clock barely hits the wee hours, and there I am, bolting upright in bed with the terror that I’ve missed a deadline. After a frantic check (and double-check) to confirm that, in fact, I haven’t missed it (phew!), my heart continues its Olympic sprint. The adrenaline rush at this ungodly hour is not exactly the kickstart to the day I look for. Sleep becomes a distant dream, and by 5 am, my family is up and about, making enough noise to rival a bustling marketplace.

Fast forward to 7am, and you’ll find me with a much-needed coffee in hand, already deep into the day’s news, social media and the exciting world of comments and contacts. Oh, the joy of being a digital detective first thing in the morning! It turns out, safeguarding the digital realm and ensuring timely responses to every interaction is quite the workout for the brain.

As I dive into content from diverse voices — political, academic, lived experiences — time seems to bend around me. Suddenly, it’s 8.30 am, and I’m still in my pyjamas, a testament to my efficiency and a slight nod to an unhealthy work-life balance. Whoops!

By the time I grace my desk at 9.30 am, I’m back in CEO mode, tackling emails with the precision of a ninja. Fast forward an hour, and I’m reflecting on recent readings and meetings, inspiring me to create art that communicates the profound sense of separateness and isolation many feel — especially pivotal in discussions around social isolation as a driver to suicide.

Come 11.30 am, I’ve not only created a compelling piece of art but also written a blog that delves into the impacts of social isolation on various groups. With the click of a button, it’s off to our marketing lead, ready for the world.

Then comes the realisation that, in my creative fervour, I’ve made artwork that much of the management team can’t access. Cue the scramble to adjust settings and ensure inclusivity.

And there you have it, a morning in the life of a CEO — a blend of early morning panic, digital detective work, creative bursts, the odd fashion faux pas (pyjamas at work, anyone?), and the eternal quest for accessibility. Who said leadership was easy? It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, tasks, and, thankfully, occasional laughter at my own expense.

But hey, wouldn’t change it for the world.

And it’s only 11.45am…!