Alicja Zwiercan


I have worked as one of Harmless’ therapists and a member of the clinical team since January 2018. I cannot stress enough how extremely important this time has been for me, both professionally and personally.    

In work with clients, I consider myself to be loyal to person-centred experiential philosophies of therapy as taught by Carl Rogers and Eugene Gendlin.

I am interested in exploring new ways of helping people who have undergone trauma and I am an advocate of integrating awareness of the body within a talking- therapy context. As such, I like trying out gentle, bodily-based techniques like focusing or somatic experiencing that can help when words are not enough. I co-authored a paper Focusing manner and post-traumatic growth published in PersonCentered and Experiential Psychotherapies Journal.

Looking back, I have experience in work with foster and adoptive parents, people with learning disabilities and those at risk of social exclusion, most of which I gained in my home country of Poland.

I feel very grateful for the opportunity of meeting, collaborating and spending good quality time with all of my clients. Activities that bring me joy include spending time outdoors, either hiking in the mountains or reading a book in the park or going to the theatre.