Claire Dixon


Claire has been delivering training since 2012 and joined Harmless in November 2016. As Training Service Manager (Sales), and Specialist Trainer she creates and manages Harmless’ training sales. She delivers sessions on self harm, suicide, mental health awareness (including Mental Health First Aid Adult and Youth), domestic abuse, and workplace wellbeing for Managers and Team Leaders.


She is also an ASIST Caregiver, and Adult/Youth Mental Health First Aid Caregiver.

Claire previously worked for 5 years as a Programme Coordinator for charity Equation, delivering domestic abuse prevention work with children, young people and teaching professionals. Claire also volunteered with Samaritans in Nottingham for 5 years as a Listening Volunteer, Trainer, and Coordinator for HMP Nottingham’s Listeners Scheme.

Claire’s passion for training in this sector comes through experience working with young people and schools, as well as her personal experience of self harm, suicide, domestic abuse and mental health problems. Through training, she hopes to further promote awareness and challenge stigma around self harm, mental health and suicide.