Clinical Support Services

We offer two streams of support for people that do or are at risk of self harm. These services are equal in terms of quality and skill of the workforce, but differ in terms of approach and the length of time that people can access them.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

We have a team of qualified therapists that deliver a range of therapy opportunities to our service users. Trained across different therapy approaches we can provide short term, long term, and sometimes group psychotherapy. We can deliver this face to face or remotely via a platform such as facetime/zoom. Because there are few ways that people that self harm can get appropriate therapy via other means this is a service that is in high demand and there can be a waiting list for these services – it is always worth asking so that you know what to expect when referring into the service.

Clinical Support Workers

Clinical Support Work draws upon the expertise of a specialist self harm organisation and works to provide a stabilisation intervention to those who self harm. Historically people have assumed that this aspect of our work is clinically less valuable than therapy but we actually find that this service is hugely beneficial for our service users. This specialist team can support individuals through a variety of emotional and psycho-social situations to enable wellbeing and to reduce the impact that any practical issues may be causing. Stabilisation work is a vital aspect of our offer and can be delivered prior to, or alongside therapy in order to ensure the individual has the best possible chance of a positive outcome.
We do what we need to do or go wherever we need to go to help someone towards recovery.