Colin Menz

Service User Care & Experience Lead

My name is Colin Menz I am the Service User Care and Experience Lead for Harmless. My journey to this role all started after a chance encounter on holiday with our CO Caroline, her wife Amy and their three (now 5) wonderful children.

Hearing their passion for Harmless instantly made me want to work for this service.  I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Social Science degree. After completing my studies I worked predominantly within the Homeless sector for around nine years. 

Once the chance came for me to apply to work for Harmless I did instantly.  I gained a position as a Project Worker and this role has had such an important impact on my life both personally and professionally.

My role now pushes me with the same passion as my first encounter with Caroline and Amy to be able to support the communities of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and seek change nationally.