This has been a Project we have been working on for a while as it is has been our mission to provide essential evidence-based training to everyone and we know e-learning is more accessible and flexible for those further afield and in roles that don’t allow for huge amounts of dedicated learning time. Such as GPs.

Our training service is vital for the work we provide. Money generated through training is used to sustain and expand the free support services we offer. So by attending our training you are saving lives.

The e-Portal also provides an accessible, and affordable alternative to fixed training courses. All our courses are designed and developed by the help and support from our specialist trainers, clinical service team and most importantly our service users so it is truly evidence based.

All courses are now fully accessible for you, whether you are a health and social care professionals or member of the public wanting to learn more, you can access course from your own home, when it suits you.

Access to the portal / courses

Users can log onto our portal to brows our course offer as guests and from there select which course they would like to get access to.

They will then be invited to pay via secure payment method (PayPal) which will automatically enrol them onto their selected course once payment has gone though.

Available to access

Level 2 and 3 Self Harm.

Level 2 Mental Health.

Level 2 Mental Health

Participants further their knowledge and understanding of mental health and will focus on common mental health conditions including, depression, anxiety, and psychosis. This course identifies stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health. It provides participants the opportunity to review a variety of supports and signposting skills. As well as a reflection on their own practice when responding to disclosures.

Level 2 Self Harm

This course builds on your foundational understanding of self harm and encourages you to explore key issues and stereotypes faced by those who self harm and those who offer support. Participants will develop a range of evidence-based brief intervention strategies and signposting skills to effectively support someone who self harms. As well as, reflecting on their own practice when responding to disclosures. 

Level 3 Self harm

This course provides a more in depth understanding of self harm and builds on the brief intervention work in Level 2 considering evidenced-based long-term support. Participants will not only develop a range of skills to assess and support those who self harm, they will also, practice the application of these skills and reflect on their own practice.

Our offer will expand over the next few months with the following courses:

  • Level 1 & 3 Mental Health
  • Leve 1 Self Harm
  • Level 2 Suicide Bereavement