The Sanctuary – East Leake (LE12)

The new Sanctuaries- where to go in a crisis

As part of a newly funded initiative we are now able to offer more help in addition to our crisis and self harm services. We join three other partners in the delivery of the Nottinghamshire Crisis Sanctuaries.

More information about the Nottinghamshire Crisis Sanctuaries -providing mental health crisis support to the communities of Nottinghamshire.

What you can expect of us and what we will expect of you: Our Charter

  • The Sanctuaries are provided by Framework, Harmless, Mind and Turning Point, they offer a relaxed environment for those in mental health crisis to work alongside staff to develop solutions and positive outcomes to their current distress. Tonight’s support will be offered by Harmless – and you can find out more about us here
  • The Sanctuary spaces aim to provide a sense of hope and safety ensuring that you receive appropriate advice and guidance to best meet your need
  • Whilst in the Sanctuary we ask that you treat others and the environment with respect.
  • We will work alongside you to develop solutions and play an active part in your crisis management planning.
  • During attendance, we want to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission as such everyone will be required to wear a mask, wash their hands and sanitise **unless exempt.
  • You will confirm that you and those you live with are Covid free.
  • Anyone found to be, or suspected of being excessively intoxicated will be asked to leave or be declined a face to face offer of support.
  • Whilst in the Sanctuary space we ask that visitors refrain from self-harm. We are a place to come to move forwards and it is important that you use the time with us to get the best possible support. Any self-harm on-site would require a review and it may be considered that the service can no longer support you at this time.
  • Anyone using or threatening violent/intimidating behaviour will be asked to leave the Sanctuary.
  • The Police may be informed of any criminal activity and will carry out their own investigation.
  • To ensure a safe space for everyone, no animals/pets are allowed in the cafes with the exception of assistance animals.
  • Carers are welcome to attend the Sanctuaries with you, however, during the COVID-19 pandemic we will need to be mindful of social distancing requirements.

If you have any questions or feedback about this charter then please let us know.

How do I access a sanctuary?

The Harmless sanctuaries are open in East Leake on the following dates. You can also locate these in our calendar.

  • Tuesday 23rd February from 5.30pm until 00.30am
  • Tuesday 2nd March from 5.30pm until 00.30am
  • Tuesday 9th March from 5.30pm until 00.30am
  • Thursday 11th March from 5.30pm until 00.30am
  • Tuesday 16th March from 5.30pm until 00.30am
  • Thursday 18th March from 5.30pm until 00.30am
  • Tuesday 23rd March from 5.30pm until 00.30am
  • Thursday 25th March from 5.30pm until 00.30am
  • Tuesday 30th March from 5.30pm until 00.30am
  • Thursday 1st April from 5.30pm until 00.30am

In order for you to access the sanctuary we need to take some basic details from you.

In order that we know what you need and how to help you we ask a few standard questions before you arrive and when you are ready to leave so that we know we are helping you in the best possible way and so that we can tell our commissioners how we are helping. It also enables us to know what we need to do better.

Click here to refer to the sanctuary.

If you would like to do this over the phone with a member of staff please ring.

For: East Leake – 07925584716

Nottingham, NG7 – 07925579516

We are unable to accept someone to the sanctuary without this completed but it really is so that we can do our best for you. It will take about ten minutes and after that we can agree what we can do to help.

This might be that we can support you remotely, by phone or chat, or that we can see you face to face.


Feb 23 2021


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