Who are Harmless?
Harmless is a grass roots organisation, set up originally by two well-meaning and largely ambitious humans, determined to bring about change in the field of self harm. Not satisfied with how things were Harmless sought to consult with it’s stakeholders, both professional and personal, and then developed a service in response to that consultation and need.
Now an evolving social enterprise that was once told it will never work, it delivers a range of self harm and mental health focused activities to thousands, in the pursuit of recovery for all.

How best to describe Harmless?

Good question!

Harmless is an innovative and sustainable organisation with a broad range of products and services that reach tens of thousands of individuals annually.

Our ultimate aim is to provide help to those who are struggling with self harm and who may be at risk of suicide to promote recovery and reduce risk.
Everything that we do has people with lived experience at our heart.
We are a little bit different, some might say quirky; fiercely ambitious and value the qualities of passion, determination, compassion and humility.

We exist to make things better for people – when things are better we shouldn’t need to exist any more and that is our aim.


What do we do?

As an ever-evolving service in an ever-changing world what we do today isn’t necessarily what we will be doing tomorrow in order to help people.
Namely, we provide support, information, training and consultancy to challenge and change the field of self harm and suicide prevention. How we do that is constantly changing in response to what is needed and what works.
As a service we are interested in what the gaps are in services and knowledge and what we can do to respond to these gaps and make things better so that ultimately people live happier and safer lives.


How do we do it?

We have a broad team that work to deliver and uphold Harmless’ many projects and services.
As well as providing access to support for those that self harm (of all ages) we also campaign for change, engage in research, work on creative projects and deliver training. We have lots of plates spinning which make Harmless both an exciting, fast-paced and somewhat busy place to be.