Helen Birch


Helen joined Harmless in July 2021 as a part-time trainer working 2 days per week, she is also studying a MSc at The University of Hertfordshire in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion. Helen was led to this path after losing her partner to suicide in 2016 during the perinatal period, she is passionate about raising knowledge and awareness around all aspects of mental health and suicide prevention.


This is why working for Harmless as a trainer is her perfect role, as it ties together all she believes in.


As a trainer Helen works closely with the Lets Talk Training Team to deliver interactive, informative and fun sessions, in a way that removes shame, stigma and fear of these hard hitting and vital topics, let’s keep the conversations going as mental health and wellness is everybody’s business.


Outside of work, Helen is Mum to 3 beautiful children, which means she get to repeat the same sentences and pick up the same items numerous times! But she wouldn’t change that for the world, Helen loves food, food and food, whether that be reading about it, watching it, cooking it, sharing it or eating, yum!