How You Can Help & Get Involved

We really need your help!

There are plenty of ways that you can help us and get involved though – in fact, we really need you and are always looking for people to get involved in supporting our work.

Raising Awareness

You can help by following us on our various social media accounts and sharing our posts; this helps people to find us if they need us. Like our various pages and stay in touch to ensure that we are all working together to raise awareness and link people with the relevant help and support.

Raising Funds

You really could be a life-saver. If you feel that you would like to get involved in raising funds for us then the money you raise will go straight into providing what can often be life-saving services for people in distress.
We have a local giving page where you can set up a fundraising event – why not do a cake sale, or sponsored event to raise money for us?
Give us a shout and see how you can get involved!

Telling your story

We try our best to influence public story telling about self harm in a constructive way. This means that we engage with various sources for communication including local and national press and social media in order to tell the stories of people that self harm in a way that is educative and helpful. We always follow media guidance and really support people to contribute. If you would be interested in being involved in our story telling work then please express your interest on the form below and we will get in touch when there are opportunities.


Alternatively we accept open, short submissions to our blog if you have written something that you would like to share.
fundraising event – why not do a cake sale, or sponsored event to raise money for us?
Give us a shout and see how you can get involved!

Social Events.

We host various events throughout the year, including a celebration event and music events. Ticket sales from these events serves to keep our services open and free for all, so if you would like to support us whilst having a nice time, then please register your interest and we will let you know when there’s anything happening or have a look at our EVENTS CALENDAR to see what’s coming up and then come along!

Counselling Placements

Our stance is also one that counsellors and all other clinical support staff should be paid for their work and whilst the salaries that we offer are often not competitive with our statutory service counterparts we hopefully make up for in organisational support, integration and opportunities.
Rarely we host counselling placements but only ever in small numbers when the service has capacity to invest the training, development and support that new team members require. It is worth registering an interest but opportunities are very limited.

Volunteering Support

Due to the nature of support that we offer, it is unlikely that we will consider volunteers to provide support to our service users. All of our team are employed and qualified members of staff which gives security, experience and quality to those that we help. All of Harmless’ services are delivered by paid members of staff. We believe that the work that we do is highly specialised and therefore, as much as we would like to take on volunteers, we just can’t do so in a safe and thorough way for everyone.