The way that we communicate about self harm, suicide and the broader mental health is an important way in which we can improve things for people experiencing those issues.
Harmless consider it our social and ethical responsibility to join the public conversation about emotional health and wellbeing and create a dialogue in the public domain. We always follow media guidance by the Samaritans when undertaking any media project.
We have a presence on social media and work with mainstream media to create insightful stories either in written format or via audio visual products to develop public awareness and give voice to those who are struggling. You can find us and follow us on various platforms and we are always looing for people to get involved.
You can help us spread the word by following our various channels and by sharing our work – by doing so you are supporting us to reach people who need us , either for help or support, or for training.
For press enquiries please contact us directly on 0115 8800280 or email We will, wherever possible engage in media projects with the right tone.
Please be familiar with the media guidance prior to making a request for us to work with you.