People in crisis

The main purpose of Harmless’ work is to provide support and help to those who are at risk of, or actively self harming. Our work falls under a broader suicide prevention agenda.
Self harm is different to suicide. Often, in the UK, we group all of these acts together under one definition which is the act of self-poisoning or self-injury regardless of the intent associated with the act (ie. the intention to die).
Many people who self harm will never express a wish to die. It is also important to note that self harm is a risk factor for suicide with c.40–60% of those who die by suicide having previously self-harmed. This means that the risk of suicide in a self harming population is hundreds of times higher than the general population and needs to be taken very seriously with compassionate help and support.
Suicide prevention is far broader than working with those that self harm.
For us, further suicide prevention work is delivered through our sister project: The Tomorrow Project. You can find out more about this work here.