People That Self Harm

We know that self harm can impact people of all walks of life and of any age and gender. We provide our services to all people impacted by self harm including children, although we often undertake this work through family work and support.
Sometimes we may run specific projects, such as those directed at a particular age group, gender or need. This is because we have received a specific piece of funding for a specific piece of work and not that we value one group’s needs more than any other.
Whilst there may be times where we feel another service may be more suited to your needs – we will always explain why this is.
**We do not provide face to face services for people with a history of violence, or who attend under the influence of alcohol or substances but in all other situations there is not automatic exclusion criteria.
Please remember that we receive limited mainstream funding for our self harm services and most of what we offer is self-funded. If we do not get back straight away or cannot offer the help that you wish for, please help us by telling that story so that we can increase our services and try to not get frustrated with us. We do our best with what we have got.