Whether you are a health or social care professional looking to refer someone to our service, or someone in need of some advice in order to improve the care that you offer, we will always do our best to foster a supporting and collaborative relationship.
We work closely with our stakeholder professional partners across all sectors and are a better organisation for it.
We also recognise that working with people who are self harming and at risk of suicide can have an emotional impact upon professionals too.
As well as training we try to provide, resource dependent, responses to requests for professional advice and case load support via email and have a history of delivering bespoke sessions of tailored development and supervisory work along these lines.
The best thing we can do as a key worker supporting someone is to ask for help when we need it.

Supporting Workers to support their Service Users.

Part of what we do at Harmless is do our very best to support the workforce that exists outside of our own service.
We recognise that our responsibility to all those impacted by self harm stretches far beyond our own walls.
As such, we constantly work hard to contribute to the development of good quality research, to influence policy, to collaboratively develop useful resources and services and to support our health and social care colleagues as best we can.


A large part of our work is concerned with the delivery of specialist training, learning and development opportunities, both face to face and e-learning, in order to enhance the skills and understanding held by existing services.
We recognise that most people who self harm will end up reaching out to friends or family members and often, non-specialist or non-mental health services. It is therefore so important that these individuals and workers have the appropriate training and skills in order that they offer the best intervention for the individual that they are helping.
We also work with senior health and mental health clinicians to develop enhanced interventions and awareness.
Buy training with us and save lives!
All monies raised through the delivery of training goes straight back into delivering services.
If you have training via Harmless, all of the money raised goes into saving and supporting lives. We provide these services Nationally and Internationally and can deliver CPD accredited courses and bespoke responses to your specific learning needs across the broader issues of self harm, suicide prevention and bereavement, mental health and emotional welfare.

Do you have a self harm policy in place?

Do you know if you have a self harm policy in place?

At Harmless we advise that all organisations, whether you be situated in education, health or social care or more broadly delivering services, have in place a specific policy that considers issues relating to self harm and suicide.
Facing the issue of self harm and suicidality raises many issues. Having in place a well-considered policy enables us to be clear in our thinking when faced with these issues.
It can set out what is expected of the offer to the individual that is self harming, what safe guarding issues we may need to consider, if at all, and be clear on the expectations around confidentiality. If your service does not have a policy in place we can always support you with this and have a policy guidance document available that may also be useful.


National Policy and Guidance.

There are various National Policies and Guidance that are readily available for you to read and draw upon. These can help you consider the most up to date information about self harm from an evidence-based perspective and can give useful guidance on how to approach working and contact with people that self harm.
We work at a National, Regional and Local committee level to ensure that the voices of our service users are represented and listened to, and that the decades of specialist experience we have can influence thinking at all levels. We contribute to Research, we attend local Suicide Prevention groups and we advise to Health and Wellbeing Boards and Government.
If you think there is a role for us in your area or in a piece of work that you are undertaking then please do get in touch and we will do what we can to help.