Sarah Birse  

Self-Harm Support Officer and Project Lead at Harmless.

I am a project lead and support officer at Harmless and work on the self-harm pathway. I have a degree in Sociology from the University of Derby but was never someone who knew what they wanted to do as a career, however I don’t see this as a bad thing as I did various jobs – some of which I loved and some of which made me realise the direction I did not want my work life to go in! – I also volunteered at Childline for 9 years during this time.

Voluntary work led me to jobs in support work and homelessness and then a role in domestic abuse specifically – I worked with children, young people and women affected by domestic abuse for over 7 years before joining Harmless.

 I started at Harmless mid-March 2020 – just before lockdown! I’m really pleased to have been able to start and continue my role at such an unusual time, as demand for the service increased during the pandemic. I feel proud to work for an organisation that I wish had existed when I was younger.

 Fun facts are tricky 😉 so here are 3 (quite fun…) facts –

  1. I have a Romanian rescue dog named Teddy
  2. I am obsessed with sea creatures, especially orcas 
  3. I like a lot of poetry but especially like Desiderata by Max Ehrmann, it’s comforting despite being nearly a century old.