I’ve worked at Harmless for 4 years now, and one of the main things I’ve really appreciated about my time here is the ability to support clients in crisis in a really person centred way. What this means is that, as a support officer, I have the freedom and support to help service users overcome their crisis in a way that will help them, rather than applying a one size fits all intervention that won’t work for many people. I’ve also had the privilege of being able to spend time with clients as they need it; if someone requires additional support, I am able to provide that (e.g. if they want someone to come with them to other appointments, supporting them with benefits/housing applications, or just listening on the phone for 20 minutes if a client has had a bad day). I think this person centred and flexible approach has allowed many clients to receive support that otherwise may have fallen through gaps in current provision.

Hello everyone, my names Leanne Josie Moulton and I have been working at Harmless now for just over a year. I wanted to share my journey in my career and how Harmless and the team have guided me to develop and progress into my role as a Specialist Trainer. Whilst at university I was keen to gain voluntary experience working for a third sector organisation. I applied for a 30-day internship at Harmless to gain further insight on self-harm, suicide and mental health but also to gain experience of working in a professional setting. Within a couple of weeks with Harmless it was set in stone for me that this is the kind of professional environment that I wanted to work in; I felt inspired by the determination and passion for the subject from all members of staff. I had a lot to learn however, I always felt supported and listened to and when you work within an inclusive environment like Harmless it encourages you to do and become so much more!

After completing my voluntary placement, I was to still complete my final year of university and during this time I remained in contact with Harmless as they continued to provide me with numerous opportunities for continued professional development attending training for free of.

Attending the training inspired me to become a trainer myself someday but more importantly provided me with the skills and confidence to respond to a difficult life event I was soon to face of my partner going psychosis.

Not always knowing what to do, I knew I could turn to Harmless for advice often reaching out to the team who were always there to provide emotional support.

These experiences further solidified for me that I wanted to become a trainer working for warm-hearted organisation and so I could share my experiences and hopefully support others to respond effectively.

I have now been working as a trainer for over a year.

When I started, I was constantly doubting my myself and my ability to stand up and speak a in front of over 20 people but with the support, encouragement, and compassion of the team I have now delivered over 80 sessions for Harmless.

On reflection, I am proud of my achievements whilst working at Harmless. Working within the right environment, with people who want you to succeed can support you to achieve whatever you wish.

In my work as a therapist at Harmless, I have supported clients of various ages and cultural backgrounds. I am passionate about the work I have done, and I have enjoyed being a part of a professional and caring team. The client work has given me a great deal of experience in supporting clients with their self-harm, and helping them to achieve a more positive mindset. Meanwhile, the conferences and fundraising events have enabled me to develop my knowledge and awareness about mental health, and spread the positive messages underlying Harmless’ philosophy.

I started working for Harmless at the end of March 2020, after voluntarily resigning from my previous job at a mental health hospital, due to poor treatment of staff. After just over a month of unemployment I accepted a job offer to work for the Tomorrow Project suicide crisis team, and I was greeted with the most incredible welcome I could have ever wished for. I have now been working here for nearly four months, and I have felt supported, encouraged, and valued for every single minute. Harmless have done a wonderful job of keeping teams connected and the morale high throughout this pandemic, and I feel like a valued part of the organisation despite only seeing a handful of my colleagues face-to-face. I feel so fortunate to be a part of a motivating, selfless, and enthusiastic team of people, who are all absolutely incredible at their jobs.