Who are we and what do we do?

Harmless has a specialist in-house training department called Let’s Talk Training. Our Specialist Training Team deliver a range of courses round the issues of self harm, suicide prevention, awareness and bereavement and mental health.
The courses we deliver always place people with lived experience at the heart and combine this with the most up to date quality and evidence based knowledge.

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Our training courses map directly into the professional standards recommended such as the HEEF framework which can be found here

What do we offer?

Our courses can be delivered either face to face or remotely via a facility such as zoom or Microsoft Teams.
The training team deliver a broad range of CPD-accredited and bespoke training services around self harm, suicide awareness, prevention and bereavement, and mental health. We can also offer MHFA, MHFA-Youth and ASIST but may be able to offer a suitable alternative should this work out better for you. Just ask!


Why us?

What do we do with the money you spend?
Well, firstly the money you spend on training will go straight back into providing life-saving support to people, so you are investing in the broader social aim of improving and saving lives. In addition you will be guaranteed training to suit your individual or your team’s needs.


Accreditation for our courses is established giving you the added assurance of peer reviewed materials and content of high quality.


We deliver courses UK-wide, including externally accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). We can also deliver internationally via remote means or via our e-learning platform.
Some organisations we work with send an individual on our training, some to a team, some in an external venue and some in their own. We are open to these discussions.

Engaging and Interactive

Our training is really and truly about developing people, services and organisations by way of engaging them in learning. It is therefore imperative that our training is engaging, relevant and actually yields the desired outcomes. We believe that this can only happen if the learners and delegates are actively involved in inspiring and motivating content. No one wants to sit through a death by PowerPoint and whilst we will provide you with all the relevant slides and resources that you may need, we want you to be involved in a meaningful conversation that means after the training you will either do and/or feel differently in the work that you do.

Something for everyone

Our training is diverse and we love nothing more than the challenge of developing a new course or course content in respond to a particular request. We don’t care whether or not we are working with a school or an NHS service, a homeless charity or looked after child provision, what matters is that we do it in a responsive way that helps. That’s what Harmless exists – to help; so give us a shout and see what we can do to help you and your team (that sounds a bit cheesy, doesn’t it?!)

Cheap (we mean cost-effective)

We do our level best to be a highly cost effective training option or people. We have two aims:
  1. To deliver training to as many people as we can to create change in the world that improves the lives of people that self harm
  2. If we can, bring in money to fund services and increase the number of people that we are able to help.
If we make things too expensive then people don’t choose us as their provider which makes no sense to us if we are trying to fulfil #1.

Current, Responsive and Relevant

It is really important to us that the courses that we offer deliver the best possible reflection of current practice, experience, thinking and evidence. Our courses are constantly in review in a cycle of feedback and improvement so you can be assured that the content you are receiving is not outdated and rigid.